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Bartlett Coffee
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Bartlett Coffee


About Us

It was “Jamaican Me Crazy” seeing my granddaughter, Tatum, at the trade shows trying vendors coffee & dumping it as it was not worthy of the coffee beans brewed from.

Interviewing numerous companies in order to represent their individualized coffee products, it was an easy choice for our Upstate NY coffee roasting company.  When we received & tasted their samples, we were quite surprised how we could actually taste the flavor & smoothness of their coffee. We felt ourselves “Wake the Hell Up”.

Being avid coffee drinkers, we were hooked as we then assembled our first run of offering the chosen coffee at a Memphis trade show. The compliments and sales were unbelievable. Customers were coming back for the dessert flavor of “Cannoli".

Our Products


The small roasting process which our products are prepared ensures our coffee at Bartlett Coffee to be fresh. Our flavors of ” Wake the Hell Up”, “Cannoli”, “House Blend”, “Breakfast Blend”, “Adirondack”, “Dark Adirondack”, “Jamaican Me Crazy” & “Art of Darkness” provides a small sampling of the coffees available. Bartlett Coffee offers gift packs & ships any selections you may choose.

Bartlett Coffee
Bartlett Coffee


Book Us For Your Event

Bartlett Coffee offers fundraising and individual event participation. Fundraising for schools, clubs and organizations will be provided with all of the necessary assistance. Click on the book now button below and give us a call to book your event.

Bartlett Coffee
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